Predictions: Manny Pacquiao Vs .. Miguel Cotto

It entirely possible that every time Floyd Mayweather Jr. resurfaces in the media, it's to belittle or bash Manny Pacquiao. Over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather Junior. appeared on an ESPN radio show go over his latest gambling exploits and Manny Pacquiao. On Monday, Fight Sports Examiner confirmed with an ESPN representative the following comments that is caused by Floyd Mayweather Jr. to ESPN Chicago.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. May Lost His Mind


"Manny Pacquiao, in his weight division, there's not a soul better at punching. Brandon Rios, as part of division, there's no one better at this specific punch. This will be one of the most useful fights we've ever seen," Foreman told me.

Talk principal want about Money May's boxing skills, we all knew these people exquisite. It had been just an indication of that -- a refresher course in case y'all forget, as Roy Jones would say.

As for Pacquiao, his last combat against Marquez really silences any reason for that boxing world to in order to talk about these two in a possible bout. Whether Floyd ducked Manny or not, it won't require doesn't matter anymore.

I'm to be able to predict that Floyd Jr will duck Manny again and force Top Rank Promotions to go to to Plan B or Plan J. According to Bob Arum, couple options 3 other potential fights that they may discuss with Manny for your next fight; which will not be until April or May.

Were it not for Pacquiao's inexplicable let up on the gas pedal in championship rounds, the fight itself would be a "Pacman" whitewash. But the result remains, and it is what it.

Pacquiao, may be fighting for his eighth world title a good unprecedented eighth different weight class, demonstrated little worry about Margarito's height or reach advantage.

Of course like all top 10 lists, 1 about boxing greats is open to talk about. You may prefer to switch some numbers or add and delete some belonging to the listings. But, one thing is specific is that Manny Pacquiao Foundation the majority of boxers listed need to be recognized regarding their personal achievements in the sport of fighting.

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